Christmas Party Weekend 2017

New York City at Christmas time.  Nothing quite like it.
Come spend a weekend of this joyous season with fellow spankos.

Experience everything the Big Apple has to offer including the Tree at Rockefeller Plaza,

The Macys Christmas Windows, a trip to the naughty “Museum of Sex,”

the magnificence  of Times Square, ice skating and horse and

buggy rides in Central Park, Pub eating and drinking

at its best with fellow spankos, a sizzling Saturday night spanking party

with plenty of private play.


Date:  Dec 8-9, 2017

Location:  New York City

(Space to be disclosed to registered attendees)

Cost:  $40 per person

(Covers non-stop action in the five-hour Saturday Night Spanking/Dance Party
in addition to inclusion in all pay as you go weekend activities)


FRI, DEC 8, 2016

8 pm – ???: Pub Meet n Greet with the Organizers and Richard Windsor

Come eat and drink at one of New York City’s coolest pubs.

Attendees pay as you go for drinks and some of the best pub food you’ve ever had.

Join your fellow spankos at this New York City landmark as they arrive from all over the country.

What a way to kickoff an amazing Christmas weekend in the Big Apple.

At some point during the evening,

a group of people will probably venture to the

Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza.

The lit tree is truly a sight to behold as is the skating rink at night.


Some will stay at the Pub and hang out until last call.

And some will go to Paddles  the oldest BDSM Club in New York City.

Over 5000 square feet multi-level state of the art location with 30 pieces of new equipment.

Saturday, December 9th, 2016

8 pm – 1 am: Spanking Party

Party your ass off with fellow spankos and the music of DJ Buzz LightYear.


Duck behind a private curtain and spank the bottom of that

special someone you’ve been chatting with on Fetlife.

Reunite with spankos from Boardwalk Badness Weekend.

 Watch naughty young ladies get spanked in front of everyone by Krampus,

the anti-Santa, because they landed on his naughty list.

Come find out who was naughty and who was nice.



at this party so register early.

New York City party spaces are crazy expensive so we’re asking all attendees

to bring your favorite food, snack or alcoholic drink for the goodies table.
We will supply the space with private curtained areas to play,
the dance music, water, soda, mixers for drinks and some fun surprises.
Together, we’ll provide a weekend of amazing memories!!!
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Code of conduct

In order to create a safe play environment for all, we need to appreciate that rules are needed. While we can’t promise that the top/bottom ratio will be 50/50, we will do our best to maintain a balance. We reserve the right to withhold memberships to gain that balance.

All play at our evening and weekend parties must be conducted within the parameters of the Strictly Spanking guidelines, which say we are a member-based social organization dedicated to Safe, Sane, Consensual spanking play between consenting adults.

  • Spanking (including paddling, strapping, flogging, caning, etc.) is the only fetish activitiy permitted in the public areas at SSNY/SSP events.  Fetish ware of any kind is not permitted.
  • Ignoring a safeword is cause for removal from a party. Everyone is expected to help enforce the sanctity of safewords. Report any violations to one of the group owners immediately.
  • If someone turns down your invitation to play, accept it gracefully. No means no. Don’t be pushy, you will have other opportunities to play.
  • The taking of pictures or videos is not allowed unless everyone in the picture has given prior consent. This provides respect for the privacy and discretion of others.
  • All play must occur within the party’s public areas, and private areas. No public play is allowed outside the venue. Please respect others sensibilities.
  • Do not interfere with anyone else’s play.  You are free to watch, but do not involve yourself unless invited to do so.
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  • Everyone is bound by a code of confidentiality as to the identities of group members and activities that occur at the parties.

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  • Any action taken against a person or persons for rules violations will be strictly up to the discretion of the group leaders, and our decision shall be final.
  • While SSNY is open to all people, regardless of race, color or creed, as a private organization we reserve the right of refusal to any person or persons that we deem unsuitable for our social club. Anyone who publicly reflects our group or group leaders in a negative light shall have their membership revoked.

By agreeing to the Code of Conduct, you are agreeing to abide by the rules listed above. Read them completely, and if you have any questions, please ask us to clarify.