Here is what some of our guests had to say about attending their first Boardwalk Badness Weekend …

Hopefully the standing ovation is just the start to give thanks to Jules, Mike and Mike. Their undaunting hard work and devotion to the spanko community really paid off this weekend. For their 1st attempt to pull off an event like this was superlative. It was flawless and the fun and entertainment just flowed like they had been doing it for decades.

From the opening meet and greet “nuts and bolts” competition to the closing “punishment court”, the whole weekend was chock full of laughter, good commeradery and the constant sounds of one hand clapping. I also understand Govenor Christie of New Jersey sends out his personal thanks for helping keep down the Rahway female prison population with the Tanner Reformatory School.
The creative skits, the humor and the jokes, the late night (early morning) penthouse parties along with a fabulous mix of tops and bottoms from across the nation, Canada and across the great pond couldn’t have been any better. The hotel and their staff were always available and it couldn’t have been a better venue to hold the event.

This event is to rival none and I look forward to doing it next year and I heard the same comments from everyone.
Again.. It was Spanko-licious!



OMG, I’m still going through party withdrawals and I’ve been back for 3 days!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said a million times! The organizers rocked, the hotel was awesome, food was good, energy and entertainment was the BEST!

I had so much fun judging Spanking American Idol (“Dawg!”), taking part in the Fetish Fashion Show & skits, spanking those naughty boys at the Bad Boys party, and teaching an ad-hoc caning class at one of the suites on Saturday night!
Thanks to all the wonderful folks who let me play with them, and sorry to all those I didn’t get to spend time with. This was my first event and trip since my burns, and it was fantastic to break my hand in all over again!

Mike, Jules and Mike — YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, BAR NONE!

Miss Chris


I have been to alot of spanking parties and this one was definitely the best ever!!! Really great events and well coordinated. Enough structure to give everyone things to do but also enough ebb and flow to let people interact and make things happen. The hotel was also really great too. It was all very much appreciated. Laura

This was my first spanking party and I came totally alone and yet, it was so easy to meet like-minded people who understand why we like what we like! I am so glad I got to make new friends and will look forward to seeing them again in the future! Jules, Mike and Mike T., you hosted a great party and as I sit my still tender bottom, I can’t help but smile at all the spanking fun I had!!

See you next year for sure!



Guys, thank you so much for all your hard work, before, during and after the party. It was most appreciated. The hotel and staff couldn’t have been better. Great venue! The screened off section for play in the ballroom was a fantastic idea!

Thank you Jules for inviting me to be a part of the fashion show on Friday and the reformatory on Saturday was a BLAST!

What a fantastic group of people. So happy to have made new friends and connect with old.

Looking forward to next year already. xoxo



I had an AMAZING time in AC! Next time, I’m going to have to stay another day. I’ve only been home for 12 hours, and I’m going through serious party withdrawal.Mike S, Mike T, Jules, and everyone else who helped, you seriously ought to be proud of yourself. It was a top notch effort all around, let alone for the first ever BWBW. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it.



Thanks to all of you for your tireless and hard work to bring your first party to life. You guys did an AMAZING job. Your care and attention was felt throughout. Great venue, great people and so much fun!

—N and K


I had worried that the schedule was so jam-packed with activities there wouldn’t be time to play, but when I got to Atlantic City and really looked at the events lined up it was perfect! Fantastic job you guys.



What an amazing party it was!! I so enjoyed meeting so many new amazing people. And am so grateful to have met Mike and Jules last labor day and to get invited to this amazing event. For a first time party you set the bar pretty high. Even with a 5 or 6 hour plane delay Sunday it couldn’t dampen my spirits. It was great meeting people I’d only met in a virtual world, and sadly I couldn’t play with some of you. There’s always next time!! Spanking Karaoke, of course was my personal highlight the judges had me in stitches, esp. Miss Chris.



Great party all the way around and a fantastic job by all the good folks who worked so hard to get it done.



What a FANTASTIC party! It was amazing from beginning to end. Got to see old friends, and make many new ones as well. The time flew by (that’s the bummer) but it was all we had hoped it would be, and much much more. Already know we’ll be coming back next year for the next one!As has been said and will be said again, the people who pulled this party together did an AMAZING job. THIS is what big spanking parties should be every time.

Thanks, guys. You should be quite proud.



Thanks Jules, Mike T. and Mike S. for a really great party. The Tanner Reformatory/Scared Straight skit WAY exceeded expectations in the entertainment department ..Food was great, hotel was great. could the staff have been any nicer?.



Big pats on the back to Jules, Mike, and Mike and everyone else who made this party so special. I’d list everything great about it, but then I’d just be listing everything because it really was that flawlessly pulled off.



Jules, Mike and Coach Tanner,

Thank you so much for all your hard work helping put together an AMAZING party! It honestly couldn’t have been any better :)



From start to finish it was an awesome party. Kudos to Mike, Jules, and Mike for making it look so easy when it took months and months of hard work and planning.

Congratulations, guys.